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More about our Concrete Pumping Services in Dallas

Concrete Pumping TX provides high quality line pumping services and operators for the Dallas and Fort Worth construction market. Locally owned and operated, our concrete pumping team takes great pride in treating every job as a special opportunity. We are constantly maintaining our equipment to more effectively serve our customers. Regardless of project size or timeline, our dedication to exceeding customer expectations makes us a clear choice for all your line pumping needs.

Our Goal: To Become the Standard in Concrete Pumping Services

ConcretePumpingTX is set out to become the standard for concrete line pumping throughout the entire Dallas, Fort Worth Construction Market. We are always well-equipped and are blessed with unmatched talent, reliability, and experience from our employees. We are always prepared and ready to tackle any residential, commercial or industrial concrete project, no matter the size or scope.

Many Years of Concrete Pumping Experience

Our experience with concrete, concrete pumping, and construction dates back to the late '70s, and it shows with our commitment to hard work and unwavering business ethics. We treat our customers as if they were a part of our own family. Despite having grown considerably over the years, we continue to deliver the personal level of attention that we know our Dallas Concrete Pumping customers appreciate and deserve. By offering competitive Concrete pumping pricing, maintaining certified pump operators and staff and utilizing well-maintained concrete pumping equipment, we’ve managed to build long-term relationships with our valued customers.

What Makes our Concrete Pumping Services Stand Apart?

  • We have many years of experience in the Dallas, Fort Worth concrete construction market
  • In most cases, we can adjust our concrete pumping schedule to meet your scheduled concrete delivery times from local concrete plants.
  • We save you money. Concrete line pumping trucks are considerably cheaper compared to large boom trucks.
  • We save you time. We can typically empty a cement truck in about 20 minutes.
  • We are Family owned and operated. We were born and raised in the Dallas concrete construction market.

Concrete Pumping

Concrete pumping is a more efficient way of pouring concrete, using a machine to transfer liquid concrete.There are two basic types of pumps that are used, concrete ‘boom pump’ and the other is commonly called a concrete ‘line pump’ or concrete trailer pump.

What Is Concrete Pumping?

The boom pump uses a remote controlled robotic arm to place concrete where it needs to go, and they’re often used in large construction projects. Concrete boom pumps are able to pump concrete at high volumes and are extremely accurate, which is why they are used for larger projects.The line pump uses flexible or steel hoses attached to the outlet of the concrete pump and linked together to wherever the concrete needs to go. This type of pump is usually used for interiors where concrete boom trucks can't get to. Concrete line pumps are also better suited for smaller jobs like swimming pools, ground slabs and sidewalks.

Faster Concrete Placement

Speed of the pour is always an important factor when it comes to any-sized construction project. One of the many benefits of concrete pumping is that it is a faster way to place concrete over more traditional methods. Faster placement means you’re able to stay within any deadlines and you can use just the one piece of equipment to complete one concrete pour. When concrete pumping isn’t used,smaller equipment may have to be moved around to different spots to finish off one pour.

Less Concrete Pouring Labor

Anyone who has been involved in any sort of construction job knows that labour is a big part of the total expense of the project. Obviously, the labor force is integral, but if it can be reduced without affecting quality and safety, it will help boost the bottom line. Concrete pumping generally requires less in the way of labour than other methods of concrete pouring. The site will seem less congested, and you can also use key personnel for other important tasks when the concrete is placed directly.

Concrete Pouring

Using a boom or a line pump for pumping concrete is going to improve your pouring accuracy. For complex locations,high-rise buildings or insulated concrete form walls,accuracy is of the utmost importance.

Concrete Pouring Accuracy

Accurate pumping means fewer stoppages, fewer delays and a more professional-looking end result. Any company that pours concrete as its main business knows how important it is to present a professional result to the clients and to the public. Many people won’t really notice when a job is done well, but they will certainly notice when there are drips and spills and messy pours.

Convenience of Concrete Pumping

Overall, using either type of concrete pumping system is just more convenient than the old mix and pour methods. Boom arms can actually reach over top of house or other structures to place the concrete in locations where other types of machinery can’t reach.

Concrete Pumping Convenience Factor

The convenience factor means that jobs that were previously ‘undoable’ can now be completed, and with a high degree of accuracy and precision. The concrete pumping convenience factor makes it easier on workers, enables a company to take on new projects and can ultimately increase sales. Then at the end of the day, increasing sales is really what every business is all about.

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Pumping Rates

$550.00 First 3 Hours /$150.00 Per Each Additional Hour

$2.00 Per Yard Pumped

Our Concrete Pumps can Typically Empty a Truck in Approximately 20 Minutes.
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