Concrete Pump Preparation

Rates subject to change

$550.00.  First 3 Hrs Weekday

$150.00.   Each Additional hour

$250.00 for additional setup

$2.00.  Yrd Pumped

$150.00 if color concrete is used

$150.00-$250.00 Trip charge outside 50mile radius from Frisco,  Tx

Saturday $750.00 for the first 3hrs and/or early hour times prices are subject to change.

Other Labor charges may apply pending Job-site complications!

We arrive 15-30 min before concrete

Mix Requirements:

Make sure to request a trailer pump mix:

50/50 Sand to Rock Ratio

3/4 Crushed rock or smaller, 6 inch slump and anything over 200lf will require 2yards of grout for priming.  Pathway for pipe to be clear of any obstacles that could be damaged from pipe!

Make sure we have access to water and to have a designated wash out area as this is not our responsibility.  

***Note***  We sometimes have a clean out tub available and will be an additional cost added to the pump service. 

***Also Note***  The Concrete does not belong to us, we did not purchase the concrete nor did we deliver the concrete!  Therefore the clean out debris of the concrete is the sole responsibility of the Contractor!!

Payment will be due upon completion and pending Pump foreman could be due before we start.   

If more than one truck is needed then upon first truck arrival there may be a delay with pumping until system is primed.   Once system is pumping the next truck should not be longer than 20 mins away.  At no point should 2 trucks be waiting with Texas heat !    

Concrete Line Pump Rental Service Call (214) 273-4733

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